Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's the party before the party!

We try to make planning the Senior All Night Party fun for all of our great volunteers!

If you are interested in a night out of the house, consider joining us at 7pm on Thursday, October 22nd at Vannelli's By The Lake.

You'll have a great time and you'll learn about many of our great volunteer opportunities!

Request for yearbooks

Do you have elementary yearbooks from the following schools that we can borrow?
  1. Columbus
  2. Forest View
  3. Forest Lake
We will make copies and return them.  Contact Dave Johnson at or 651-605-5508

About the party

2016 will be the 35th year that parent volunteers have run the all-night party as an exciting, safe, fun, chemical-free alternative for the graduating seniors. 

Approximately 2/3 of each graduating class attends. The success of this annual party hinges on a dedicated effort of many, many volunteers and we are in need of more parent volunteers to assist with the planning committee efforts in order to make this year's event a tremendous success. 

Please contact Dave Johnson at or 651-605-5508 to learn more.